Sculpture Hospitality brings inventory control back

Sculpture Hospitality has a unique passion and focus. When it comes to inventory management including counting, controlling, ordering, and inventory analytics, using data to help owners make better management decisions.

Sculpture Hospitality

According to their website ( They have +370 offices and over 28 years of service, that extends to 35 countries working with over 50,000 bar, restaurant, nightclub and hotel operators. With service options that range from full service to shared inventory responsibilities and mobile inventory applications for in-house inventory management Sculpture Hospitality has you covered.

Based on their data bars can increase top line sales by 7-15 percent and reduce inventory asset losses from 15-30 percent down to 3 percent or better using company proven methods and strategies: adhering to a strict schedule of detailed inventories, comparing usage to sales, monitoring variances instead of pour costs and using just-in-time ordering.

“Our mission is to help bar owners make money while earning a profit, so we do not engage with clients that we do not find a mutual opportunity for ROI.”

Using their BEVINCO bar inventory service they have grown tremendously through the grand stand area. If you are an owner looking for ways to help gain/losses behind the bar or at least want to check out where you stand, call the industry experts.

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