Jimmagan’s Pub Fights To Stay Open

After 20 years of operating on North Kings Hgwy, Jimmagan’s Pub is under attack by the city for various 911 calls and negative incidents. Including shootout between two men about 3 months ago and more recent october 9th another incident involving a gun, fortunately no one was hurt. Steve Sheedy owner of 3 bars including local favorite Jimmagan’s Pub is now under way through the court system fighting to ensure every service industry worker has a place to go when everything in myrtle Beach is closed.

According to myrtlebeachonline.com

A man was allegedly beaten and urinated on in the parking lot of Jimmigan’s on Robert M. Grissom Parkway in June. Sheedy says he received a warning to make his bar safer or face legal action, but he said he never received a warning for his bar on North Kings Highway.

“Nobody wants people coming in a bar and shooting,” Sheedy said. “It’s not me saying come in and shoot… This is the life we live in now.”

He said the violence is happening everywhere and he would be more than happy to work with police to make his pub draw less of their attention, but he feels singled out.

“I’m being threatened. I don’t like being threatened,” he said. They want to “close me down, put me on the streets, I don’t think so… I’m not going down without a fight.”

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