Q&A With Rich Flair #YLB Myrtle Beach, SC

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Q&A With Rich Flair 



Raised? Md/Ny

How Long Behind The Bar? 6 years

How Did You Start Your Career & Which Bar?  Chilli’s, the GM at the time Mike Leonardo called me to see if I wanted to bartend while I was on my couch.  The funny part is another guy was suppose to bartend but his circumstances stopped him, so if it wasn’t for the bartender not being able to take the position I don’t know where I would be now.

Good Bar Story? Made one of my custom cocktails for a bachelorette party, they loved it and would not stop complementing me and I got paid very well afterwards. Nice to see people enjoy your own drinks.

Bad Bar Story? Don’t have any bad ones I remember, I love dealing with people. Maybe being cussed at a couple of times nothing crazy.

One Personal Goal? Start a successful business

Beer, Liqour Or Wine? If I have to choose, im starting to get into wine just a little. Not a drinker overall unless I’m out with friends then I just start buying shots for everyone,  to speed the process up finding out everyone’s true colors.

Pet Peeve From A Customer? Customers who don’t look at you when they talk and degrade you with their mannerisms. Or when people say this isn’t a career and assume I’m getting ready to enroll school because in mind Batending doesn’t cut it.

Your Best Quality As A Bartender? People skills, sparking conversations with people from all over the world,  my favorite. So much to learn.

If you weren’t tending bar, what would you doing? Full time world activist

Advice? Don’t get to high or low on people, take risks, be your own boss behind the bar.

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