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ATM programs specialize in helping owners capitalize on market share, visibility and reputation. When your guest comes into your establishment they judge you on affordability, uniqueness and cleanliness. Also adding a catering side being available for parties, events, home visits and other request. Connect to the #1 bar magazine and stay up to date with every guest.

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Local Bartenders stamp of approval, ATM Programs


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Our programs require consistently pushing the limits of bar industry standards. We are making sure owners have integrity when putting their a name on their business, managers have a passion to take their bar to the next level and bartenders who are competent and reliable for the type of bar you are operating. The program confirms that your establishment has a bar staff capable of great knowledge behind the bar with cleanliness as a priority.

Services include:

  • Bar Setup
  • Working Flair
  • Bar Staff  Training
  • Cocktail Menus
  • Spirit Selection
  • Beverage Cost, Tracking and Pricing
  • Promoting


ATM Programs

We bring the bar right to any event or venue…



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